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Roof Solution

Background introduction

The roof is the top-level external protective component of the building, which is used to resist the influence of natural rain, snow, wind, frost, solar radiation, temperature changes and other adverse factors, to ensure a good use environment inside the building. The roof should meet the functional requirements of durability, waterproof, thermal insulation, fire protection and resistance to various adverse effects.

At present, leakage and seepage often occur in roofs, mainly in the design, construction, materials and other comprehensive problems of waterproofing projects. At the same time, the roof in the long-term exposed environment, thermal expansion, cold contraction and other effects, there will be certain stress changes, which will have a certain impact on the waterproofing layer, so the requirements and difficulties of roof waterproofing projects must be strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of the code.


Key parts of waterproofing

According to the structural characteristics of roof buildings, the key parts of waterproofing are:

1. Waterproof of large surface of concrete structure,including ground and wall.

2. The ports of pipes, nozzles, exhaust ports, etc.

3. The junction of ground and wall.


Waterproof treatment measures

According to the analysis of the key parts of roof waterproofing, the waterproof

treatment is carried out.

1. Waterproof of large surface of concrete structure


The first-class waterproofing requirements should be set for roof waterproofing, and flexible waterproofing materials should be used to meet the changes of roof stress. Before large-scale construction, the joints and hidden waterproof parts should be strengthened.

2. Pipe orifices, nozzles, exhaust outlets, etc.

Flexible and strong bonding sealing material is used for sealing treatment, and attention should be paid to protection and connection with the next process.

3. The junction of ground and wall

Cracks are easy to occur in the junction area, so waterproof reinforcement layer treatment is needed. The material with strong bonding force should be used to arc the Yin-Yang angle and other parts.



During construction, if waterproof foundation treatment has been done, the original waterproof layer should not be destroyed during secondary waterproofing.

Waterproofing materials must conform to the relevant national standards, and have the corresponding test reports, factory certificates and other information.

During construction, professional construction plan and professional construction team must be established.

After the completion of the construction, the protection shall be carried out according to the requirements, and the waterproof and water closure test shall be carried out. The construction of the next working procedure shall be carried out only after the acceptance is qualified.